recent success



“the river at least guaranteed that we travelled in one direction — albiet in a winding, wasteful manner. there was little conversation among us, for our discourse these days was mostly the silent one with hunger, fear, and despair.”

zulfikar ghose, the incredible brazilian

“…a exhuberant and picturesque romance that resounds with history, humor, and zest… this is what fiction is meant to be about: life bigger than life”

anthony burgess, on the incredible brazilian

lists (cryptic?)

the idiot, red earth and pouring rain, the magic mountain, como agua para chocolate

banana, starfruit, cake, fish

apple, fortune cookie, pineapple, cupcake

haikus, limmericks, jingles galore







so many things so full of cute.


or buttons??



what to wear?

the sun

if i could be anything today, i would be the guitarist and lead singer of an educational rock band that was some sort of cross between they might be giants and school house rock.

in short, the love-child of these four things:

and it is likely that i would wear this:



spellcheck can bit me.

what a strange growth you have

hearing is a strange thing. it is the only sense we cannot really turn off. i think we hear by osmosis. in the strictest sense of the word. or the least strict sense of the word. or the definition that has the least number of words. but anyway, i think we sort of hear by osmosis, and according to my friend travis james joyce thinks so too, as he apparently says in finnegan’s wake. i said a lot of thins last night to which travis replied “that is what joyce says in finnegan’s wake!”  and by “a lot” i mean maybe two or three. this is probably because he is reading it right now. but i would like to think that joyce and i see eye to eye on some things. i would like to think this because apparently joyce is genius. jenius joyce. genius goyce.  i am channelling a misogynistic old Irish curmudgeon. i do not anticipate reading finnegan’s wake though.

what a strange growth you have. it is an ear.

i looked up “channelling” and it is, in fact, the canadian or British way to spell channeling. so spell check can bit me.